On the Thursday, 23rd February, 2022 a Non-Governmental Organization called Vocational Training for Female Programme (VTFP) undergoes one day orientation for the youth in Bekwai Municipality which will provide interventions to enhance employability of the youth through Skills training, Capacity building and Advocacy.

Speaking at the program, Mrs. Diana a staff of Vocational Training for Female Programme briefly talked about the profile or the background of the project. She said that youth unemployment is a major socio-economic and political problem in Ghana and in many other African countries and is one of the highest challenges to overcome in achieving the agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She also said that the main objective of the project is that it will contribute to increasing employment of youth in decent works in Ghana, particularly in the hospitality industry in Ashanti Region by 2023 through the provision of innovative and job readiness skills and other interventions necessary to create employment opportunities for youth. She also mentioned the project target groups which includes;

  • Early school leavers
  • JHS graduates
  • SHS graduates
  • Tertiary graduates
  • Business (hotels, guest house, restaurant, bars etc) owners in the hospitality industry.

She also made it clear to the youth that duration of the programme is six (6) months which the first five months will base on classroom and the one month will be an attachment at various hospitality industry which includes hotels restaurant, bars guest house etc. She also made an emphasis that any trainee who is already skilled in any hospitality business will be trained for only three months and those who have studied hospitality in any tertiary institution will be train for only three weeks. She also urged the youth that a competence certificate will be provided after the training which help them find job very quickly in order to reduce unemployment in the country.



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