On Friday, December 29, 2023, the Baakoye Cooperative Union, under the leadership of Mr. Acheampong, organized a skill development seminar to educate and inspire the youth of Aboaso/Odumase on the importance of engaging in skilled training.

The seminar which was under the theme "Empowering Youth Through Skill Development for Sustainable Futures" aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of skilled training, showcasing available vocational opportunities, and motivating the youth to actively participate in skill development programs.

The seminar featured diverse workshop sessions covering areas such as agriculture, technology, entrepreneurship, and artisanal crafts. Experts and practitioners in each field were invited to conduct interactive sessions, providing practical insights and hands-on experiences.

Mr. Acheampong, a prominent figure in the Baakoye Cooperative Union, delivered a compelling keynote address emphasizing the significance of skilled training in personal development and community growth. He shared personal anecdotes and success stories of individuals who have benefited from vocational education.

Panel discussions were organized with local entrepreneurs, professionals, and skilled artisans to address queries from the participants.

Question and answer sessions allowed the youth to engage directly with experienced individuals, fostering a deeper understanding of different vocational paths.

The seminar successfully increased awareness among the youth about the benefits of skilled training. Many participants expressed a heightened interest in exploring vocational opportunities and developing practical skills.

Mr. Acheampong's leadership played a crucial role in fostering community engagement. His approachable demeanor and commitment to the cause resonated well with the attendees.

The seminar served as a source of inspiration for the youth, encouraging them to consider alternative career paths and entrepreneurial ventures. Several participants expressed a newfound enthusiasm for pursuing vocational education.

The Baakoye Cooperative Union's skill development seminar, led by Mr. Acheampong on December 29, 2023, has made a significant impact on the youth of Aboaso/Odumase. By providing valuable insights, practical experiences, and motivation, the seminar has laid the foundation for a more empowered and skilled generation.

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