Officers from the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development on Monday, 26th June, 2023 embarked on a one- day visit to Adankragya Community to educate them on promotion and importance on the need for girl child education. This education was carried out at the Adankragya Community Information Center.

As part of the education, girl child education refers to the aspect of education that aims at developing the skill and knowledge of girls and women from all castes, race and backgrounds. This includes education at schools, colleges, health education, professional, technical and vocational education, etc.

Some of the importance of girl child education are;

  • Health Care; better educated women tend to be more informal about nutrition and health care, they are being thought personal hygiene that will eventually help them.
  • Minimize Poverty; the people of Adankragya were educated on the minimization of poverty through girl child education. it helps reduce extreme poverty by showing huge burdens and responsibilities which suppresses poverty. When women are being educated and end up earnings, they take part in all aspects of taking care of the home making, men are a bit released from being the main care takers.
  • Honor and Dignity; educated women become role models and source of inspiration for others. Educated women earn respect for themselves where ever they go. They bid better support and professional networks improving their future career prospects.
  • Leadership Skills; education gives women confidence in their ability to lead education instils in their leadership skills and polities. As a result, build strong and more informed female leaders who are more likely to be politically.
  • Educating Girls Improves a Country’s Social and Economic Well- Being. Educating girls has benefits not just for themselves but also for their communities and countries. With a quality education, girls can make informed choices, improving their country’s social and economic well-being.

In conclusion, the education programme on girl child education at Adankragya was successful.

Source: Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, BMA

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