As part of its mandate to educate the public on social issues, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (SWCD) on Wednesday, 30th March 2022 educated some selected pupils of Otumfour Osei Tutu II JHS on the harmful effects of drug abuse and teenage pregnancy at the school’s premises.

On the issue of drug abuse, the teenagers were advised on the causes and effects as well as its prevention. They were warned about the dangers in indulging in illegal and illicit drugs, such as tramadol, marijuana etc. Furthermore, the pupils received extensive education to avoid bad peers or colleagues who will negatively influence their lives to make bad decisions. Again, they were counselled to do away with inferiority complex and have confidence in themselves to help them know their right capabilities and ignore bad advice.

Inferiority complex, depression and schizophrenic behaviours were explained to the teenagers as damaging effects to indulge in drug abuse. Unbearable costly life and psychopathic tendencies were tormenting obstacle and behavior they are likely to face when into drugs. They were made aware of legislations regarding the use of illegal drugs and exhibiting illegitimate behaviours.

Students and Teachers listening to Officers from SWCD


On the issue of Teenage Pregnancy, the pupils were educated on the causes, effects and prevention. The pupils, specifically girls were advised to take their studies seriously and avoid bad influencing peers who will advise them to indulge in early sex. They were extensively advised to consult their female teachers instead of friends and colleagues when confronted with challenges. They were counselled by the SWCD officers to be respectful and obedient to parents or guardian so that their parents will love them and respond to their needs when they arise. Clearly the teens were made aware of the issues, such as broken marriage; inadequate finances and officers took turns to caution them to stand firm and protect their dignity as a girl teen in the face of these obstacles.

The pupils were made aware of the risk behavior they will find themselves in; if they fail to learn from the instruction given them on curbing teenage pregnancy. School dropout, inferiority complex, financial problems and depression were listed as the dangers they will find themselves in if they do not abstain from sex at that stage of their life.

The pupils and staff of the school were very appreciative to the staff of SWCD as asked that such a kind gesture is extended to them more frequently.


Source: Social Welfare and Community Development Department, BMA

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