As climate change continues to impact local communities around the world and in Ghana, subnational governments are compelled to provide proactive leadership to develop and implement plans that respond to current and predicted future impacts of climate change.

Working in collaboration with the national government and as part of a vertically integrated adaptation planning approach, the Bekwai Municipal Assembly welcomes the Bekwai Adaptation Plan as an outcome of our collective commitment and efforts to develop the requisite knowledge as a starting point for our collective quest to build resilience against climate change impacts both now and into the future. 

The Bekwai Municipal Assembly and the people of Bekwai are excited and motivated by the fact that this plan is the first of its kind for a District and Municipal Assembly in Ghana and as part of Ghana’s National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process. It signals the purpose of Ghana’s NAP and its unyielding mission to mainstream adaptation in local governance systems.

In a notable event on Tuesday 21st of May, 2024, the Municipal Chief Executive and his technical staff at the Bekwai Municipal Assembly together with EPA,stakeholders in Bekwai and visiting MMDAS across Ghana visited two communities to access the vulnerabilities of Climate Change in these communities. Two identified areas of high vulnerability including the River Oda at Anwiankwanta and the Fawoman Galamsey and Sandwinning pit were visited. 

The purpose of the visit of the Oda River was to access the extent of the impact of the vulnerability on farmers,residents,motorists,etc. along the river banks. The visit to the Galamsey pits which had become a source of worry to livestocks, children and other vulnerable segments of the Fawoman community. Occasionally, children and animals get drawn when the pits are filled with water.

The anticipated remedial actions include reclamation and conversion of the pits into modern technology of fish farming known as Recirculating Aqua System ( RAS).

It is enviased that high commitment to implement the objectives and activities captured into the plan will help Bekwai Municipal Assembly to build more resilient climate friendly environment

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